Q: Who is Fibertec Window & Door Mfg.?
A: For the past 20 years Fibertec has been an innovative leader in window and door manufacturing & has pioneered the Fibertec fiberglass window system. Located in Concord, Ontario, Canada Fibertec offers fiberglass windows and doors that simply outperform any other windows and doors in the industry.Fibertec windows and doors are Energy-Star rated, NFRC tested, AAMA tested, CSA tested and are backed by a non-prorated lifetime warranty.
Q: What are the color choices, inside and outside?
A: There are unlimited color choices in our fiberglass line. Fibertec can produce any custom color with our perfect match system. Our three standard colour options are commercial brown, sandalwood and white
Q: What is the difference between a bay and a bow window?
A: A bay window has three sections with the middle picture window generally larger. A bow window has more than three sections, all equal in size
Are Fibertec's windows LEED certified?
A: When understanding the LEED certification system and the difference between other certifications it is important to choose a product that is greener and more efficient for your home. Fibertec's fiberglass windows will add a higher amount of points to your over all LEED rating versus other frame materials.
Q: Does Fibertec have Energy Star® Fiberglass Windows & Door Products?
A: The Fibertec Energy Star® Fiberglass windows & doors represents state-of-the-art energy management technology, combining Low E glass coatings, dual panes of glass separated by warm edge “intercept” glass spacers, and “homeowner safe” Argon gas. Fibertec`s high quality Energy Star® family of products helps your family save! This environmentally friendly product line keeps your home warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer, dramatically reducing your energy consumption and reducing your monthly utility bills.
Q: What is the difference between steel, fiberglass and wood for entry door systems?
A: Steel entry doors offer heavy gauge steel panels with a high definition embossing that replicates the look of wood. Fiberglass entry doors feature high-pressure moulded panel skins that are smooth or textured to create the appearance of traditional wood. Fiberglass doors are low-maintenance, dent-resistant and can be stained in a variety of colors.
Do Triple Pane Windows Help for Noise Reduction?
Having triple pane windows for the purpose of eliminating as much sound transmission as possible will only show slight improvements from a double pane window. By using a double glazed interior surface laminated glass, you can achieve an STC rate of 32 and a double glazed double laminated will give you an STC of 42. The thickness of a triple pane window will not show a significant difference.
I purchased fiberglass windows from Fibertec. How can I maintain them in order to keep them in their best shape?
A: Depending on the product you may carry from Fibertec, the maintenance can vary. Windows and doors have different care procedures which can be found under Window and Door Care.
Q: I think I'm experiencing a seal failure with my windows. How can I know for sure?
A: When experiencing window seal failure, fog and condensation indicates the problem. This can be mistaken sometimes for high humidity levels which will also result in condensation and fogginess. See the chart below for numbers:
Q: I have condensation forming on the interior of my window. How can I fix the problem?
A:Condensation can be formed on windows for several reasons such as high humidity in your home or air leakage through windows. If you have condensation forming on the interior of your windows try turning down your humidifier in order to solve the problem. Triple pane windows is an option to consider due to its high condensation resistance. See our glazing section to learn more about glazing.
Q: Can I install my new windows on my own?
A:Yes, however we recommend to receive technical advice from the manufacturing company in order to determine the best way to install them. A fairly good amount of construction experience would be needed in order to install windows with the help of a consultant
Q: How much do fiberglass windows cost?
A:Fiberglass windows are long lasting and will not have to be replaced overtime. Will cost less overtime, however will be an initial investment upfront
Q: Are all fiberglass windows the same from company to company?
A: No. Some companies carry PVC components within some of their frames, resulting in a frame that does perform as well as a 100% fiberglass frame would. Some companies use open back frames rather than closed back frames. Closed back frames are much more sturdy and durable than open back frames. Lastly, some frames are thin walled, rather than a thick walled frame which is another aspect of strength that is taken into consideration when manufacturing a top quality frame.
I'm considering purchasing Fibertec's fiberglass windows. Are they ENERGY STAR Qualified?
A: All of Fibertec's fiberglass windows and doors are ENERGY STAR rated and surpass the standard NFRC ratings. Several different thermal factors are taken into consideration when testing products for certification in order to determine in what case and where (geographically) would the windows be most suitable to be used.