Hardware for Fiberglass Double Hung and Fiberglass Sliding Windows

To add the final touch to an energy efficient window, Fibertec does not leave out the importance of ease of use. We use top quality operating systems for the 400 and 500 Series side slider window and 400 Series double hung tilt window. Our choice of handles allow for smooth performance, safe locking, and aesthetic positioning.

Sliding Window (400 and 500 Series)


Double Hung Tilt Window (400 Series)

Multi-point Locking System

The safety of your home is an important aspect to consider when looking for the right fiberglass windows. Fibertec’s window locking system is sleek and operates smoothly keeping your windows locked not only ensuring safety, but also leaves your windows air tight at all times. With the multi-point locking system for fiberglass casement and awning windows, this advanced locking system complements your fiberglass windows. Whether a right or left-hand window, this system utilizes a non-handed design to help reduce inventory. The lock-to-tie bar attachment makes installation fast and easy. The locks used for Fibertec's fiberglass sliding windows offer a distinct appearance with a slimmer and modern look.

Sliding Window (400 and 500 Series)

Double Hung Tilt Window (400 and 500 Series)