Green Ontario Rebate Program for Windows

As part of the Canadian initiative to reduce carbon emissions in both homes and businesses, the Government of Ontario has released a program called the Green Ontario Rebate Program. The rebate program offers many different incentives for homeowners and landlords to get them involved in energy savings programs including free thermostat insulation, home inspections, attic insulation and one of the largest incentives given is a rebate for window replacement. Homeowners who are looking to replace their windows can now receive up to $5,000 in rebates when they purchase high performance windows from a list of GreenON certified contractors. Windows are one of the biggest barriers for air to leak through, which causes heat and cooling loss throughout the year, which causes the homeowner to crank up the intensity of the heating/cooling, ultimately leading to extensive energy usage, higher energy bills and more carbon emissions.

Window Requirements

The Green Ontario Window Rebate Program has laid out several performance requirements from window manufacturers in order to be a qualified product. The first requirement is that all eligible windows must meet the criteria for ENERGY STAR Zone 3, which includes the most stringent performance requirements in Canada. By setting this standard, customers will be enticed to making a smart investment up front for the long run. Below are a few of the other requirements outlined by Green Ontario for high performance windows:

-Windows must have a U Factor of 1.4 w/m2/K or less
-Windows must be part of ENERGY STAR MOST EFFICIENT 2017 and onwards
-Only existing window openings that are replaced with new high performance windows are eligible for a rebate

For more information on how to know which windows would qualify for a rebate, visit our GreenON Rebate section on the website or get in touch with us today.

How to Get a Rebate on your Higher Performance Fiberglass Windows

In order to create incentive for customers, Green Ontario has made the application process quite simple. Once the customer has replaced the windows, an application is submitted on behalf of the customer listing the details of the window replacement job. Once the application has been received and approved, the customer will receive a rebate cheque in the mail on behalf of the Government. As of now, the program deadline is indefinite and will continue to be applicable to those purchasing high performance replacement windows in the future.

Need help finding the right replacement windows eligible for a rebate through Green Ontario? Get in touch with us today and we will be glad to help you choose the right fiberglass windows for your home.